the Saturday Sprint

the Saturday Sprint

Milestones, milestones, milestones!  I feel like this is my life chant right now.  With an almost three year old and an almost one year old, we are witnessing so many exciting changes every day.

Specifically this week, Clyde nearly brought me to tears after breakfast one morning as he walked into the kitchen looking very ‘school ready.’  He had gotten his backpack and filled it with a variety of cooking utensils and then took it down the hall to his room.  A few minutes later he came back having picked out his clothes, gotten himself dressed and strapped his bag on his back.  Clyde still has one more year until I really need to shed some tears about him going to school but for a second it was as if we were already there.  A full year early and I was already overflowing with a mix of emotions – namely pride but also a wee bit sad.  Amidst the busy days, it’s moments like this that quite literally stop me in my tracks and remind me to soak it all in.  […and for those that are wondering, he did finally let me close the button on his pants hours later as we were leaving the house!]

Another source of great pride for Super Dad and I is to watch Clyde as a big brother.  Like all parents, since finding out that we were expecting a new baby, we talked to Clyde about how great it will be to have a sibling.  Now that Jude’s here, we talk to Clyde about taking care of his little brother and how they will be each other’s best friend.  I’d like to think that we are the ‘parent sibling whisperers’ but I know that we can’t take full credit for how great he is as a brother.  From the very moment he met him and still today, he is Jude’s biggest fan (next to me, of course) and we couldn’t be more proud.  […and for this reason, it seems only fitting that Jude should wear a sweater that says ‘Clyde’s Cool’ haha!]

That brings me to Jude, my sweet little baby. This boy has two new teeth coming through on the top – so close that his gums are basically a light shade of pink.  He’s recently started crawling on all fours (reverting to the army crawl when he’s really in a hurry) and pulling himself to standing when he can get a good grip.  This skill still catches me by surprise when I turn around to see him up on his feet.  Please nobody mention the “w” word because I’m nowhere near ready.

Having a second baby had me feeling a little nervous in the beginning that I wouldn’t have the same time nor the love that I did with my first.  When I found out that we were expecting another boy, those feelings intensified as I was sure that it would feel like I had ‘just done all of this’ having already ‘raised’ a boy.

Now almost nine months into being a boy Mom x 2 and I feel like a changed woman.  It is my greatest joy to be raising these two blonde, blue eyed beauties and while there’s no doubting that they’re brothers, they are already so different in every way.  This love train is moving full steam ahead through each and every wonderful milestone.

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