the Saturday Sprint – Mother’s Day Edition: it takes a village!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I realize that this edition of the Saturday Sprint is coming a day late but I wanted to take this opportunity, on Mother’s Day, to acknowledge all of the amazing females in our lives.

I have talked before about our willingness to ask for help.  So often, it really is the only way that we’re able to accomplish so many of the activities that we strive for.

Even more than that however, I am personally grateful for the love and influence my family receives from so many inspiring women – Great Grandma, Grandma’s and Auntie’s.

We are so fortunate to share a city with so much of our family – specifically, my Mom (Nana Q), my Step Mom (Grandma Sue) and my Mother-in-law (Grandma Chris).

Our boys see one or more of their Grandma’s nearly everyday and their faces light up at the sight of any one of them.  These ladies are truly a gift to all of us.  They are respectful of mine and Adam’s decisions as parents and know when it’s appropriate to bend the rules as the Grandma.  They are generous, kind and endlessly loving.  They offer wise words of advice after having raised kids of their own.

That next generation that the boys are so fortunate to call their Auntie’s.

My sister and my sister-in-laws are amongst my best ‘Mom friends.’  They love on my boys like their own and never miss a beat in helping me keep them in line. They are the highlight of family get togethers, offering either comic relief or a shoulder to cry on – or both.  Best of all, they are raising the most beautiful best friends for Clyde and Jude.

Last but certainly not least, we are grateful for Adam’s Grandma who celebrated her 84th birthday this past week.  A visit to Nanny’s is never complete without a home made treat for all of us.  It is so special to see the joy that Clyde and Jude bring to her and even more so to see that the feeling is mutual.  We left with videos of Jude belly laughing with Nanny from our most recent visit.

This journey of motherhood has been the most gratifying and challenging experience thus far in my life.  With such a young family, we are in a season of life that requires so much support from others – advice and time being at the top of the list.

I know the time will come when it’s my turn to give back and until then, I will accept help with the utmost gratitude and take notes from the best of the best on how to be an amazing female role model!

It’s really true what they say that it takes a village to raise a child.  Near and far, I couldn’t have asked for a better village with whom to share in raising our boys.