Photography: a gift that keeps on giving!

The countdown to Christmas is quickly winding down and while we still have a long list of things to do in preparation of the big day, we put it all aside for a morning just playing in the snow as a family.  We dressed in matching sweatshirts, put on our toques and mittens, drove to a beautiful area in our city and cozied up with one another in the cold.

I very recently wrote about how difficult it is to find a work-life balance in a home with two working parents.  After spending some time talking with friends, colleagues and family members, the message is the same from everyone: it’s all about what you prioritize.

I am only starting on my journey to find a work-life balance but there are a few things we have valued as a family for a long time and one of those things is photography.

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘time is a gift’ and when you have young kids that grow like weeds in their sleep, those words begin to resonate with you more than ever.  Super Dad and I have always enjoyed capturing life on camera and are firm believers that photography is a gift that keeps on giving.  We already find ourselves looking back on our milestone pictures – engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn – reminiscing of all the good memories those pictures represent.

This holiday season we teamed up with ‘Of Wild Dawn Photography‘ (OWD) for a family session in the woods and could not be more excited about how well the pictures turned out.

Crystal is the photographer behind OWD with a vision to bring out the natural, raw and candid moments.  She offers a candid, uncluttered photo session in a natural beautiful setting. One that isn’t too long (but isn’t too short!), one that isn’t overly posed, and one that will be fun, enjoyable and capture the tiny, beautiful moments.

Our session was relaxed and felt very natural.  With minimal prompting and props, we simply enjoyed being outside and playing in the snow.  During our time together, Crystal was able to capture us as a family, as a couple, our boys as brothers and each of them on their own.  We even got to squeeze Nana into some pictures along the way!  Crystal is professional, easy to work with and so friendly – taking Clyde by the hand in search of our next location.

This time of year is particularly busy for all of us as we wait for packages to arrive or race to the store in search of the last few gifts.  Our family photography session was the perfect reminder to make time for ourselves to play, relax and enjoy each other’s company.  We are so grateful to have invested in a gift for ourselves that we will enjoy for many years to come and in the words of the Grinch, “What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”

Consider giving the gift of photography this holiday season to your family or to someone you know will value the time together and memories captured.  Book a last minute holiday session with Of Wild Dawn Photography here!