• Saturday errrrr Sunday Sprint

    Posted on March 19, 2017

    This week was a wild one!  Filled with all good things but it is Saturday night at 7:30pm and I am sitting down by myself for what feels like the first time to catch my breath.  Hence why this week’s edition of the Saturday Sprint is brought to you by Sunday.  I feel like weekends are the place for grace though, don’t you?  On Friday you can write yourself the

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  • Skating on nature’s backyard rink

    Posted on March 15, 2017

      My father-in-law has been telling us for years that the creek in the field behind us used to fill with water and then freeze to make the perfect backyard rink.  Year after year, for one reason or another, Mother Nature had plans of her own for our winter landscape and those plans did not include our own personal skating rink – until now! The onset of March has looked a

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  • the Saturday Sprint

    Posted on March 11, 2017

    Welcome to the first edition of “the Saturday Sprint!”  This will be a weekly post that highlights some of the things that are currently happening for our little family.  Check in every Saturday for a brief review of what we’re up to, what we’re loving- or not loving – and likely a recipe of some kind. – Adam was recently contacted by a neighbour to say that a photographer from

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  • Family day at Pigeon Lake Resort!

    Posted on March 6, 2017

    The year that Family Day was introduced in Ontario (2008), I was spending it with this family.  Three months travelling New Zealand and Fiji with a backpack, a friend from high school (+ her friends) and this great van as our home.  I remember talking to my parents on the phone and them telling me they had the day off because of this new holiday called Family Day. Nine years later

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  • 5 tips for breastfeeding like a boss

    Posted on March 3, 2017

    I recently attended a breakfast function with Ottawa’s Connecting Women with my exclusively breastfed (EBF), bottle refusing five-month old baby.  I was showered, dressed in proper clothes, wearing makeup and feeling pretty great about myself until I looked down to see that I had leaked through my shirt before my meal was on the table.  It was my first time attending a networking event with this group of ladies and needless to

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  • 28 things I learned while writing 28 posts in 28 days

    Posted on February 28, 2017

    On February 1, I wrote my first ever blog post and set out to write a daily post for the remainder of the month.  I am proud to have accomplished that goal and to be writing this, my 28th blog post on February 28.  As a first time writer, the learning curve was steep and I know that I still have so much more to gain than to share.  Nevertheless, for

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  • Babywearing: sweater and coat

    Posted on February 27, 2017

    The final post in my baby wearing series (for now) talks about outer layers to wear with baby.  I wore Clyde a lot in his first two years but always made it work without specific “baby wearing clothes.”  The Kangaroo sweater was something that I bought for myself when Jude was just a few weeks old and I quickly realized what I had been missing.  Keeping Jude dressed in plain

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  • Babywearing: Wraps & Ring slings

    Posted on February 26, 2017

    Jude is my snuggle bug wrap baby.  With the exception of using the Moby wrap on our trip with Clyde, I had never used a woven wrap before but I knew it was something that I wanted to try with Jude.  Below are my thoughts on a few wraps that we’ve tried.  A reminder that no carrier is best for everyone and trying a few options with baby is truly the

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  • Babywearing: Soft structured carrier

    Posted on February 25, 2017

    SSC – Soft structured carrier…basically a backpack for your baby. Clyde was my ssc baby.  We started with an original Baby Bjorn that we received as a hand-me-down and tried a few others before settling on a Tula.  Below are my thoughts on a few ssc’s that we’ve tried.  A reminder that no carrier is best for everyone and trying a few options with baby is truly the best way

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  • My babywearing journey

    Posted on February 24, 2017

    If you’ve been following along on the blog, you know that I often get asked “What is that and where did you get it?” … It’s followed closely by “Did you buy another wrap?” My journey wearing my boys started the same way it does for many – I got a carrier as a hand-me-down and decided to give it a try for a walk when Clyde was just a few

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