Mama’s Half Marathon – Running while pregnant

This week’s training update in the Mama’s Half Marathon series is brought to you by the old saying: “two steps forward and one step back” – with this week being the ‘step back’ unfortunately.  Due to a variety of excuses, I only made it out for one run this week and logged a measly 8.5kms.  I keep telling myself that it was a nice chance for my body to rest  – and while that’s true – we’re closing in on race month and I really should be running 4-5 times x week.  Oh well, I’ll take what I can get.  It was a beautiful evening to run with hubby and I’ve always enjoyed my babies tagging along – on the inside or out!  Don’t mind the branch in the picture… it was the best “tree stand selfie” we could muster.

I’m really excited to be writing about my journey running during my pregnancies.  In the early part of my pregnancy with Clyde, I read just about every blog post ever written about running and being active while pregnant.  As an active person pre-pregnancy, I intended to continue with my activities for as long as it felt comfortable but the more I read, the more motivated I was to stick it out for as long as I could.


As it happened, I had extremely smooth, low-risk pregnancies and was able to run right through to 39 weeks with Clyde and 38 weeks with Jude.

During my first pregnancy, I felt really crumby in my first trimester – extremely tired, bloated and I put on a lot of weight pretty quickly.  As soon as I started to feel like my old self, I started back to my activities and only continued to feel better.  Together, Clyde and I ran over 300 kms and completed a Sprint Triathlon at 32 weeks.  This is us at 38 weeks running the 5km Colour Run!

I wore this sports bra, these tanks and a really old stretched out pair of Groove capris for all of my workouts.  I was also gifted a support belt (like this one) and never exercised without it.  Note: the support belt rides up until your belly is big enough to fill it out.  I found wearing it over a shirt or high waisted pants helped in the beginning to keep it in place.

In my 39th week, I set out for my usual run after work and all of the sudden my belly felt heavy and uncomfortable.  At that moment, I knew our journey running together would slow to a walking pace until he was able to join me in a stroller.

The decision to switch to walking wasn’t quite so black and white the second time around.  My hips were sore for a few weeks but only while I ran.  I was determined to get as close to 39 weeks as I could but at 38 weeks, I finally slowed to a walking pace.  Together, Jude and I ran over 150kms and continued to enjoy cycling – often with a toddler in tow!

This time I invested in some maternity activewear.  I had been eyeing this tank top from For Two Fitness while I was pregnant with Clyde but never felt like I could justify it.  Between pregnancies, I had all of my Lulu tanks hemmed and exchanged my capris for new running tights so I didn’t want to stretch anything out.  It was the perfect excuse to snag this tank top and a few more things while they were shipping my way ;).  I chose the ‘Running for Two‘ tank in grey, a solid colour tank in the blue, these capris and these shorts.  Everything fit true to size and the quality was fantastic.  I really enjoyed knowing that I had clothes that fit, that looked good and that were intended for running and other higher intensity workouts.

Running has always been an outlet for me to clear my mind, cleanse my body and enjoy some time outside.  These things were more true than ever for me during a time that neither my body nor my emotions felt like my own.

I ran at an average pace of 6:35-6:50/km covering 3-7km in distance.  My priority was always to run short distances at a comfortable pace as often as I could.

I often used that time to think about my impending labour and birth experience or the rest that I would enjoy once the baby arrived.  Staying active also helped me keep my weight in check and left me with very little to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Growing a baby is like walking at a steady incline for 9 months.

Our motto: climb the hill and rest at the top!

Pictures below from the family hike we did to the top of Luskville Falls on Jude’s due date.  My contractions started on the car ride home and we were a family of four at 1:19am the next morning :). Check out his home birth story here.