Mama’s Half Marathon – A full circle journey to race week

…and just like that, nine weeks have passed and race week is upon us.

While I would love to continue the tradition of starting with a training update, I sadly have nothing to report.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  Adam and I completed one 3.8km outdoor run together on his birthday last week.  Not exactly the kind of progress one hopes to be making in the pre half-marathon taper but hear me out.

When I look back at my calendar from the week, it was certainly not for lack of trying that I didn’t accomplish many training runs.  My days were full of chasing a balance bike, walking endlessly alongside the most beautiful tulips and climbing various structures and trees at parks across the city.

Adam and I had our sights set on one more short run and one last long run over the long weekend.

You see, my birthday gift to Adam was the ‘gift of time.’  I arranged for both of the boys to have a sleepover at my Mom’s – packed their bags and met her on Saturday at the market.  She graciously agreed to keep them until Sunday afternoon leaving us ample time for a nice evening run, an uninterrupted sleep (say, what?) and a long run in the morning.  (Thanks, Mom!)

If you weren’t with me when I started this half marathon journey, you may be wondering what could have possibly got in the way of such a well thought out plan?

The rest of you know what’s coming.

Motherhood!  The most unpredictable and slightly comical journey of life.

You better believe by 5pm on Saturday, I was bed ridden with all possible flu symptoms and a diagnosis of mastitis.  Bring it on!

For the remainder of the long weekend, sitting upright felt like a challenge never mind attempting one last 18km jog.

As I sat down to write my final race post, I looked back on my notes for what I had planned:

– share our meal plan leading up to race day
– share about what a taper is and what our running schedule is
– talk about race kit pickup and final race day logistics

…but to be honest, I have none of that planned out.

I can’t help but think about how my ‘Mama’s Half Marathon’ journey has truly come full circle – from having to search my toddler’s hiding spots for the treadmill key in week one to nursing my infant endlessly to heal the mastitis in week nine.

Registering for and accomplishing a race day of any kind is a major feat and I’m here to tell you not to get hung up on the details.

The great news is, I am proud to say that I am feeling prepared and excited for race day – a drastic change from the ‘me’ that hoped the race would sell out before I could register.

I noticed changes in my body and am feeling comfortable in my summer clothes.

I found far more opportunities to run with and without my family than I expected.  Even better than that, we learned that Clyde really enjoyed running alongside us and he is going to participate in the 100m Tot Trot at the upcoming Kanata Race Day!

My desire to be intentional about exercising throughout the week was refreshed and I am excited to continue running.  Adam and I are also signed up for Kanata Race Day and I am looking very forward to doing my first 5k with my sister!

For now, I’m off to read the e-mail I got last week about my race kit and confirm with the grandparents that they can still take the boys for a sleepover on ‘race eve.’

Thank you so much for following along on my journey so far.  I’m looking very forward to reporting back next week about how it all went and sharing about what’s coming up next for our family!

I’ll give you a hint: it has nothing to do with exercise – gasp!