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Meet the [blogger]: 4 Financial tips from Erin!

Meet the [blogger]: 4 Financial tips from Erin!

Do you ever feel like you and your spouse are just waiting for your turn to talk?  Adam and I often get home from work with so much to say to each other that it’s as if we’re taking turns sharing information without ever truly ‘investing’ in what the other person is saying.  When it’s at its worst, we know that we’re overdue for a date night – a time to talk uninterrupted and without the looming timelines of dinner, bath, bedtime, clean up, sleep.

Amidst the chaos and patched together conversations, Adam works tirelessly to update me on our budget.  I am forever grateful for this quality in him because the other half of the patched together conversation is me taking my turn to tell him about the things I’m currently trying to purchase – anyone else in this boat?  Nevertheless, when we do finally sneak away for an evening of uninterrupted conversation, I am always so impressed by the time and energy that he puts into our financial plan and it’s reassuring to know that our family is moving ahead with clear goals.

One of the people that often acts as our soundboard for new financial ventures is a long time friend, fellow Mom and Certified Financial Planner, Erin Genderon.  Erin is currently off on maternity leave with her youngest but is working on some articles to post on their company blog when she returns to work.  In the meantime, she agreed to give us a sneak peek and I am so excited to be sharing some tips on ‘money mindfulness.’

Without further ado, 4 Financial tips for young families from Erin:

With the start of a new fall season and the end of care free summer days, the ‘responsible, let’s get organized’ side of me kicks into high gear.  Fall has always had a ‘fresh start’ feel about it for me – similar in a sense to New Year’s Eve; a time to reflect on what’s going well and what new opportunities lie ahead.

A constant source of review in our household is how we’re managing our money. How to plan, be smart and make the most of every dollar while juggling the multi-faceted financial priorities of an active household can be a daunting task.

As a financial planner by day and a wife and mom-to-two by night, the following are 4 of our essential tips that will help start you and your family down the path to money mindfulness.

1. Build your budget

Not unlike so many things in life, we need to know where we’re starting from in order to know where to go next. For this reason, I’m going to come right out and say it – the first unavoidable step is to prepare a budget.

A simple income vs. expenses (fixed & variable) = surplus or deficit as well as a basic idea of your family’s net worth (net worth = assets – liabilities).

This is the hardest, most time consuming part – and sometimes what stops us from even getting started. Let me assure you that it’s not so bad and well worth your time. Make use of great apps like or get started with an Excel template. If all else fails, break out your trusty pen and paper; whatever you need to do.

2. Positive cash flow is key

Next up! Track your spending and understand where your money is going every month – in the financial world, this is called your cash flow.

Is your cash flow positive or negative every month?

Which direction are you trending?

An app, like, links all of your bank accounts and credit cards into one spot and makes this process relatively painless.

3. Remember the bigger picture

The third step to rounding out a simple financial plan is to think about what your bigger, long term goals are – primarily, retirement and kids education. Other things to consider might include buying a recreation property or starting a business.

My husband and I had our kids in our mid-late 30’s – a reality for many Canadian families. This means that raising expensive kids, helping them pay for an education plus saving for our retirement become competing priorities over the next 20 years.

A big mistake is putting off retirement planning, simply because it’s the furthest away and the least in your face – waiting for a time when you can “afford it”.

The power of tax free compounding, dollar cost averaging, and good savings habits will have a bigger payoff the sooner you start.

Give some thought to what these goals look like and what time frame is involved. Allocate money in your family budget to these goals. Small steps you take now will have big impact later.

4. Insurance: What no one truly enjoys talking about it.

A last consideration that can’t be overlooked; insurance and wills.

Having put some hard work and thought into your family’s financial plan, it’s worth going the extra step to ensure it’s all protected.

Specifically when you have dependents, insurance and wills are non-negotiable as we don’t have the saving level to ‘self-fund’ in the event of a ‘worst case scenario.’ Some questions for you and your partner to consider…

  • Have we discussed and agreed on who would look after our child(ren) should something happen to both of us? How would this person cover the additional expenses?
  • If we were suddenly without one person’s income, would our family be able to maintain their standard of living? Most employees have life insurance which includes one or two times their salary but this is rarely enough.
  • Do we have a plan in place financially to carry on in the event of disability or critical illness?

The ability to earn an income is your biggest asset – especially during a time when kids are small, debts are high and savings are low. If this is taken away, even for a small amount of time, the financial impact to your family could be severe.   Although not a simple task, once the above items are analyzed thoughtfully, a real life plan can be put together. This will leave you with a feeling of confidence and peace of mind to meaningfully move forward with clear goals and purpose.  Remember to review your plan periodically. A financial plan is meant to evolve over time, to adapt with your families changing needs, wants and priorities as you grow.


Erin is a Certified Financial Planner CFP® in Ottawa and an active mother of 2; a curious, energetic 3 year old and an alert 4 month old. She is also a licensed Investment and Insurance Advisor. She loves working with young families to help them understand their unique situations and give them peace of mind to achieve their life goals.


Erin Gendron, CFP®, FMA®
Associate Investment Advisor & Financial Planner
HollisWealth®, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.
Vandermeer Wealth Management | 

Our wedding story

Our wedding story

Me: It’s Valentine’s week!
No.  Tuesday is Valentine’s DAY.
Yes!  So Monday marks the start of Valentine’s week <3

This week is all about love on the blog, sharing about the people that are nearest to my heart and how things started with all three of my Valentine’s: weddings, honeymoons and birth stories.

Our wedding day: August 17, 2013

If you were a member of Pinterest in 2013, you probably saw a few pictures similar to ours spelling out “L-O-V-E.”  That’s because my DIY backyard wedding was straight out of a Pinterest album and it was nothing short of the best day of my life!  We had mason jars and taco bars and a homemade dance floor.  Barn board chalk boards, wood pallet signs and hay bale seating.  Just the thought of it all brings me back to that summer and oh how I wish I could do it all over again.  It thrills me to say that I wouldn’t change a single detail – except maybe prepare my wedding speech.

Adam proposed in July of 2012.  We were camping in Prince Edward County with friends and spent the day on Saturday touring wineries.  At our last stop, we were all sharing a glass of wine on the deck at the Sandbanks Vineyard when Adam stood up on his chair to say “well guys, I love you but I love her more.”  He came over, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with a family ring that we had inherited from my grandma in the spring.  I’m pretty sure amongst the flood of tears, I managed to say “yes.”  The rest of the night was a blur – in part from the tears but largely due to the fact that we had spent the day touring wineries.  Adam and I are socialites and love having our friends around so it was all the more special to have them there when he asked and to celebrate that night.

We live in the rural west end of Ottawa and are fortunate to back onto the most beautiful family farm land.  While sitting on our back deck later that summer watching the sun go down, we settled on the idea of hosting a backyard wedding and set a date for the following August.

Insert Pinterest account here.

We got to work almost immediately planning and crafting and building.  With the help of friends and family we built picnic tables, benches, chalkboards and life-size Jenga.    We worked hard and had so much fun bringing this wedding to life.

We have an amazing network of friends and family and made it a priority to keep things as “in house” as possible.  We had family friends as our photographer, live band and makeup artists, a colleague as our bartender, friends to act as our wedding coordinators for the day,  people we knew through recreation to do childcare and food service and a close friend to officiate our ceremony.  From the minute things got started with the rehearsal dinner, there wasn’t an unfamiliar face to be seen until after the wedding.

IMG_0135.jpgHaving asked a close friend to officiate our ceremony, we decided to formally get married at City hall the month prior.  I left work on a Friday afternoon in a little white dress and met my soon to be husband downtown.  My sister (maid of honour) lives out of town so I invited one of my bridesmaids to stand with me and Adam had his best man stand for him.  The ceremony was short and sweet but more sentimental than I was expecting.  We walked in the rain to a restaurant nearby to celebrate with a round of food and drinks.  Rain on my wedding day – check!

Before we knew it, our wedding weekend was upon us.  The house was bustling with people helping with all of the last minute details and everywhere we went there was a buzz of excitement.  The rehearsal went beautifully and I got a chance to sneak off to the barn with our photographer, my niece and my dress for some early pictures.  Close friends of ours hosted the rehearsal dinner at their home nearby and then agreed to house me and the rest of the bridesmaids for a sleepover and wedding day prep the next morning.

Us gals spent our morning enjoying a catered breakfast that was delivered to the house followed by hair, makeup and pictures all on-site.  One of the perks of hiring people you know is that they can come to you 🙂

Adam and his gang spent the night at one of his groomsmen’s houses.  They spent the morning shooting skeet and then made their way to our house to set things up, get dressed and take a few pictures.

We were having an evening ceremony so the bulk of pictures needed to be done ahead of time.  We used a hay bale to set up a “first look” photo shoot and then spent the afternoon taking pictures with our bridal party.

274 2.JPGGuests started to arrive at 6pm for an hour of cocktails and appetizers before our 7pm ceremony.  Everything went off without a hitch and we truly enjoyed every second of the evening.  My uncle was our MC and guided us through a handful of speeches, cupcakes, first dances and then onwards to the taco and margarita bar and dancing.  Soon after the party started, our bridal party surprised us with fireworks!


We danced the night away with our nearest and dearest until the wee hours of the morning.  One by one, people made their way to their tents, trailers or sleeping bags in our basement and we eventually called it a night.

This week marks our 3.5 year wedding anniversary.  While we have continued to grow and accomplish so much as a couple since that day, I remember every detail like it happened just last week.  August 17 2013 was, without question, one of my most favourite days!