Meet the blogger

Hi! I’m Kelly – author of Reckies Raising Kids. I’m so glad that you have stumbled on my little piece of the internet!

I am a ‘boy Mom’ in every sense of the term. Alongside my husband, who I affectionately refer to as Super Dad, I am finding my best self in raising our two young boys. I love to be outside with them, racing up and down the road on bikes or scooters and I am ‘that Mom’ who likes to dig in the sandbox and go upside down on the slide.

This is a recent and very typical representation of our family…Super Dad and I out after work with the kids in a community close to our home, Clyde (3) with a snack in hand and a cheesy smile for the camera and Jude (1) relaxed and content in a carrier.

As lovers of all things recreation, Super Dad and I don’t ‘sit’ well. We love to hike and swim in the summer and cross country ski in the winter. We are socialites and almost always have a grandparent or a friend in tow.

We own a home in the country and making the most of our space – inside and outside – keeps us very busy. Our weekends at home are mostly spent tending to our vegetable garden, looking after our laying hens, making recipes with the kids, playing outside and like all young families, doing endless loads of dishes and laundry.

We love to travel as a family and since getting together in 2010, Adam and I have explored Europe, Hong Kong, MexicoVancouver, New York City, Nova Scotia/PEI and Hawaii – with many more places still to cross off our list.

At Reckies Raising Kids you will find a weekly (ish) post written about anything from exploring the outdoors with our kids to our favourite recipe to balancing life as a working parent.

I love to collaborate with small businesses to share about great products that we use with our kids. We have had great success with companies like Gooseandco Boutique and Sunday Afternoon Hats!

I also love to meet other Mom’s that are exploring the outdoor world with young kids. Please reach out to me if you’re interested in guest posting with the ‘Meet the Blogger’ series!

Above all, I am thoroughly enjoying documenting and sharing about our journey as a young family.  I am so happy that you are here visiting!  Keep in touch 🙂