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Month: January 2017

Here for a good time, not a long time.

Here for a good time, not a long time.

O’Rourke Family – Christmas 2016

Here we are in all our glory at the Rink of Dreams in our hometown of Ottawa, Ontario on Christmas Day.  Super Dad (Adam) on the left, Jude (3mo) in the stroller and Clyde (2.5yrs) on the far right.  That’s me, Mama Bear (Kelly), holding hands with my big boy just minutes before his first time going skating.  Santa generously left shiny new skates and a helmet for Clyde under the tree this Christmas and as someone that grew up playing elite hockey, I’m not sure which of us was more excited to take them out for a spin.

As to be expected with a young toddler, he was no more than a limp noodle gliding around in my arms before saying “Mommy, I’m done.”  We had been on the ice for approximately 5 minutes and that was that.  He took a short spin in the stroller seat and then decided we should probably all take our skates off and start heading for home.

For some, this excursion may have been a reminder of what a hassle it is to leave the house with young kids but for a pair of recreation geeks, this was the perfect way to spend our morning as a family.  Super Dad coined it perfectly on our walk to the car when he said “we’re here for a good time, not for a long time.”

These words have become our family’s motto as we venture out with young kids.  I’ll be honest, feeling content with a five-minute excursion after all that goes into getting my family out the door isn’t my immediate reaction but reminding myself of these words quickly brings into focus what’s most important: we’re here for a good time!




Hi!  I’m Kelly.  Welcome and thanks for joining me at


Writing a blog has been on my bucket list for a long time.  I have many entries written, lists and spreadsheets of topics to write about, products to review and goals to achieve and yet I’m struggling with writer’s block for my very first entry.  Isn’t that always the way when we have big dreams?  We know what we want the end result to look like but taking the first step feels big and scary and is equally fuelled and stalled by excitement and fear.

Join me and my family on our journey via Reckies Raising Kids.  What’s a “reckie” you ask?  It’s an unofficial slang term for the word “recreation.”  When I finally decided to take the leap and start a blog, Adam and I stewed over a name for days.  It felt almost like we were preparing for a third child.  We would toss out name and concept ideas at any given time only to have the other person say “I like it…but no, that’s not the one.”  I was reflecting on what was important to my family, to me and what sets us apart when it dawned on me that there was one commonality – recreation.  Our love for recreation started long before Adam and I knew each other.  It influenced our education choices, our career choices and ultimately ended up being how we met.  Today, recreation is still a huge part of us as individuals, as a married couple and now as parents.

On the blog, you will read about our adventures in travelling – with and without kids, our commitment to living a healthy lifetstyle, all of the products we love as an active, on the go family and a glimpse of our daily life raising two boys.

Have a look around and come back often.  I’m excited to be setting off on this journey with you!